Pickett Beaded Model

Last Saturday I went and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with my brother. On Sunday, I’m going again with my friends, and I adore Pickett (the Bowtruckle) and I’ve made my own! He’s made from glass beads and wire, and he’s so cute! Perfect!

What I used:
Thin brown wire (any colour will do, but I liked the idea of it being kind of nature-y)
3 heart beads
3 long top horizontal hole teardrop pendants
20 miyuki cubes
25 round beads (larger than cubes, smaller than hearts)

The beads can be any shade of green, and you don’t necessarily need to use the beads I did; just pick whatever green beads you have and go with it!

  1. Begin by making the body, using 3 round beads and 3 cubes. Fold 30cm wire in half, and slide one round bead so that it rests on one side of the fold.
  2. Add one cube, threading it on both ends of the wire, then add another round bead, adding it onto only one end.
  3. Repeat this for all six beads, ending on a cube.
  4. Thread one of the hearts onto both pieces of wire, then pull the wires apart.
  5. Add one cube and two round beads to each wire.
  6. Add a heart to each wire and thread the wire back through the two round beads. Then thread it into the cube bead on the opposite wire for stability.
  7. Thread both wires down through the body, coming out through the round bead you started with.
  8. Take the right wire, and alternately add round and cubed beads (4 round, 3 cubed).
  9. Add the teardrop pendant, and thread the wire back through the first cube, going around the round bead.
  10. Continue going through the cubes and around the round beads until you reach the final round bead, which you should thread the wire through.
  11. Take both wire ends and add a round bead and a cubed bead. Separate the wires.
  12. Add three round beads, two cubed beads and a teardrop to the longer wire, as in the previous leg.
  13. With the shorter wire, repeat step 12 with four round beads and three cubed.
  14. Before threading through the final cube bead, wrap the wire a couple of times around the wire below the first cube bead on the first leg you did, to hold them together.
  15. Complete the leg, going through the remaining beads to the top of the main leg.
  16. Twist the wires once or twice, then trim the ends.
  17. Take two pieces of wire 15cm long.
  18. For each one, imitate the pattern of the body starting with a cubed bead, using three round beads and three cubes.
  19. This next bit’s kind of fiddly, so some pliers with a strong grip may be useful.
  20. Bring the two ends of each wire around the body, just below the highest round bead, and thread them through the first cube bead on the other piece of wire.
  21. Bring one of the ends through the round bead next to it.
  22. Bring the other over it, and then back through it.
  23. Twist the wires, then trim the ends.
    Meet Pickett!
    Meet Pickett!

    I’m planning to attach him to the inside of my blazer lapels, so that he can ride around and peer out at school!


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